Mobility Scooter Batteries

If you or someone you know uses a mobility scooter, you will understand what a vital aspect of their life their mobility scooter is.

But what if, for some reason, their mobility scooter stopped working? What impact would that have on their mobility and quality of life?

Mobility scooter batteries are, quite literally, the heart of the machine and if the batteries aren’t up to the job, then the scooter can fail at any time.

‘Mobility Scooter Batteries – The Heart of the Machine’

What would happen if the mobility scooter batteries failed while out at the shops? Or heading for an important appointment? 

With very few moving parts to actually go wrong, once of the most common areas to fail are the mobility scooter batteries. This could be due to something as simple as age, quality of the batteries or poor charging schedules.

Mobility scooter batteries do not last forever, although you can ensure that by fitting high quality components, the chance of a mobility scooter battery failure is limited. Battery life can also be extended through the use of a good charger.

‘High quality mobility scooter batteries don’t have to come with a high price tag’

We only stock mobility scooter batteries manufactured by Strident. Strident have a name synonymous with quality and longevity. All their mobility scooter batteries come with a market leading, no-quibble 15 months warranty, giving you complete peace of mind knowing you have fitted high quality, proven batteries. However, their price is still comparable with many inferior brands, so why take the risk?

THE GAC Group Mission:

“Dedicated to providing quality products and services.”

We know there are many mobility scooter parts and accessories suppliers in the market, probably more now than there has ever been.

As a consumer, your choice of supplier is overwhelming but when purchasing such vital equipment, it is of paramount importance that you make the right choice.

GAC Group are an independent online retailer and we carefully research our product range, prior to offering them online, to ensure we not only provide the best products available but combine this with a level of customer service that is second-to-none.

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